Reclaim the streets : Right to work, walk and live without fear – Rosa – Socialist Feminist Movement – Online

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Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 19:00



On March 8th women around the world celebrated International Women’s Day and called attention to the disproportionate impact pandemic and recession conditions have had on women.

Days later a European Agency for Fundamental Rights reported that 83% of women between 16 and 39 change or limit where they go to avoid harassment, and a UN study showed that 97% of young women report having experienced sexual assault.

An investigation in London also found remains in connection with the disappearance of Sarah Everard, who went missing after returning home late from a friends’ house earlier in the month.

#Notallmen began to trend, but women across the UK and Ireland reclaimed it; pointing to the myriad of ways the onus is put on women to change their behaviours to remain safe, rather than challenging misogynistic ideas in society.

Join Rosa in our fight for a world free of harassment. Join our meeting on the 18th.

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