How to meet the needs of vulnerable women and girls by commissioning gender specific services

Date and time: 

Friday, October 19, 2018 - 11:00 to 15:00


WHiST, Salus House, 33 Mile End Rd, South Shields NE33 1TA

The event is for women's organisations, NHS mental health policy makers and Clinical Commissioning Groups across the North East and aims to improve understanding of the needs of the most marginalised women and girls, in order to bring about better financial and operational practice and a more well-thought-out innovative approach to commissioning and procurement of mental health services. 

The event has come about as a result of collaboration between Women's Commissioning Support Unit (North East) and NHS Northern England Clinical Networks.Using both trauma and gender informed perspectives, discussions on the day will help to identify key priorities for: pathway development, service improvement and potential areas for innovative development and co-production. 

As outcomes of the event:

  • Commissioners will be better able to identify and assess needs of women and girls, developing policy direction and recognise that gender specific approaches are an appropriate delivery mechanisms to achieve the best outcomes for women and their families.
  • Key priorities for pathway development, service improvement and innovative development and co-production will be identified.