Each for Equal Women's Day Event

Date and time: 

Friday, March 6, 2020 - 15:30 to 18:00


Newcastle University Business School 5 Barrack Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4SE

Join us for this year's #EachForEqual International Women's Day event, an event celebrating women of all backgrounds and cultures as we strive for gender equality.

Special thanks to Newcastle University Business School for sponsoring this event and to our special guest speakers - we are sure it will be a fantastic evening! We look forward to seeing you there too, so please do join us.

This event is a free event, but we would love if you could support our #4amfor40p appeal. You can find more information on our website here: http://www.coco.org.uk/education/planting-futures-campaign


Jess Whitaker

In East Africa, girls are less likely to be in school than their brothers and, when in school, they are less likely to achieve as well. Women are often reliant on their husbands and unable to access training or resources to be able to generate their own income or be able to participate in household or community-level decisions. But this is changing! COCO works with some amazing women and girls in remote communities, who have become an inspiration to others and are changing perceptions around gender. Jess will talk about some of these strong females and how they are making a difference in their communities.

Salha Kaitesi

Salha Kaitesi is a British-Rwandan gender equality and female empowerment champion. She is the founder of Beauty of Rwanda, a social enterprise set up to economically empower women and girls in Rwanda, and Teakisi, a digital platform creating a space for African women to empower and celebrate each other, uniting through their stories. The overall aim of Teakisi is to show the world that the African woman is multifaceted, multitalented and multicultural. Ultimately, Kaitesi’s mission through the blog is to change the narrative about the African woman.

Naz Demir

Naz Demir is the International Trade Manager for the North East England Chamber of Commerce with over 20 years of working experience with different private and public organisations in international environment in the fields of international business development; business coaching; business training; consulting; leadership development and has extensive expertise in humanitarian and security sectors. Naz is a great supporter of women in business and despite the challenges she has faced she looks at this quote every time she opens her eyes. “I never dreamed about success; I worked for it.”

Sharon MacArthur

100% of women will go through the menopause. However in 2020 it's sadly estimated that only 3% of companies across the UK are educating their workforce about the symptoms the menopause may bring! Mental health issues are just one of many symptoms which can appear years before the menopause begins. Millions of days of productivity are being lost and, even more shockingly, women are leaving their roles as they no longer feel capable. Sharon educates public and private sector companies, bringing fun and humour to a "dry" subject.