Deadline for contributions - special edition of Scarlet Women for Power and Influence Project

Date and time: 

Friday, February 1, 2019 - 22:00

As part of putting together its Women on Tyneside collection, Tyne Wear Museums is producung a 2018 issue of Scarlet Women and is looking for women to contribute articles on What has changed for women over the past 35 years ( the last SW issue was produced in 1982). 

Scarlet Women was established as 'the newsletter of the socialist current within the women's liberation movement'  with its purpose to help us understand the situation of women today, to stimulate discussion and to inform action to bring about change.  It would be good if this new issue can do the same.

Articles don't have to be well thought out argued pieces but should offer ideas, thoughts, reflections, suggestions etc based on experience, observation, study and similar.  Scarlet Women was never an academic journal but contained articles and interviews about what women were doing and thinking, with a peppering of cartoons and illustrations. Articles need to be submitted by the end of January.  The editorial group for the issue is made up of women who have been involved in the North Tyneside project.

Would you like to contribute?  If you would like to discuss this and/or get more information please get in touch with Penny Remfry